Informationsdesign an der UdK Berlin

Lizzy Onck


Covers Kopie

»Flächenschwerpunkt Berlin« – the geographic center of Berlin. This location is the starting point of a study on the concept of a »center«, in the form of a visual journey. The first booklet contains a collection of everyday objects, architecture, symbols, rituals, artworks, and natural phenomena that revolve around a center, in various ways.

»Draw a symbol that you think best represents the concept of a ›center‹ (in the sense of ›middle‹).« This was the task I gave 100 strangers, on Mechanical Turk, a crowdsourcing platform. I used it in order to find an answer to the question: Is there a universal symbol for the concept of a center? How many different variations of this symbol are possible?

The resulting second booklet is a collection of symbols, drawn by people from all over the world, giving an idea of how the concept translates visually and of which signs people generally associate with the notion of a center.

For the third part of my project, I returned to our starting point. This year, summer solstice fell on Tuesday, the 21st of June. On this day, I captured (almost) every single pedestrian passing by the geographic center of Berlin, with the help of photographer Lourens Samuel. Each of them was placed exactly on the geographic marker and asked for their names.