Informationsdesign an der UdK Berlin

Niklas Thran, Robin Wörn

Cymatic Types

Cymatic Types is an interactive audiovisual installation, based on an experiment by Ernst Chladni. Resonances were being displayed through vibrating metal plates lightly covered with salt. By further abstracting the images through digital processing, the installation allows to experience the correlation between sound and movement actively.

The term ’Cymatics’ describes the imagery of sounds and (it’s) waves. On a flat medium, directly connected to a source of mechanical vibration, diverse patterns occur through a thin coating of a granular material, depending on the oscillation’s frequency and the resonators’ shape. Based on the analog experiment, the installation’s approach is to create a digital way to visualize the resonance’s patterns, to let the audience possibly experience correlations between sound and movement as well as to explore the types.