Informationsdesign an der UdK Berlin

Tessa Meyer

Subjective Territory

Subjective Territory started out as a study of human perception within physical space. Its outcome is fully virtual and non-physical. It underlies the thesis that space is understood differently by each and everyone. None of us see the same. Everyone inhabits their own space. My space looks different than yours. I touch it differently, I move differently. Taking this as my starting point I have created ten panoramic 360 degree images that depict my personal space. Each image depicts it in a different way, each referring to a different layer of perception. The images have been programmed to work as a 5 minute video that is accompanied with vocal explanation. Subjective Territory aims to deconstruct personal space by guiding you virtually through specific layers of perception. Each layer depicts a map, each map constitutes a state of subjectivity. Eventually, they come together as a whole new subjectively constructed space.