Informationsdesign an der UdK Berlin

Phillip Koller

Unpredictable Complexity

The consequences of every decision we make can be affected by unknown side-effects. Paradoxically, this activities are important to satisfy our human needs, while the unintended incidents are important to enhance our experience. The term risk is burdened by a negative impression, but without taking the chance going to far, we will never find out how far we can go. We can learn from the past to map the future, but we can’t handle the uncertainty. Some type of Rist just exist by nature and are not a generated product of human intended activities. An unexpected side-effect ist not unpredictable because it happened as a coincidence, but as a result of an incomprehensible everlasting casual chain. Risk precludes every form of standardization because of its complex relations which are to a large part unpredictable.

Our interests focuses on the wide spread of every day venture up to global social and natural aspects. We try to find a systematic approach to communicate a casual link between the cause of an activity and its possible effects. Based on particular documents we worked with various categories to give a different view on the topic. We selected different risks out of all categories and tried to achieve at least an impression of the potential severity of the unpredictable effects, the probability of occurrence, the temporary span between cause and effect and an estimate of the irreversibility, while being aware of the fact that we can’t handle the uncertainty that effects all the other parameters. The project reflects a personal point of view on the subject. Our work should be considered as a process of experiments on variation of risk.

Reducing the casual-chain to clear linear connection, results ins a polygon form. The morphing casing of the Risk-Sculpture forms the Line of uncertainty in the crosssection that represents a single risk characterized by its from. The single risk follows the shape of the whole context formed by the entire shape, which on the other hand is defined by the amount of all the other risks at the same time. The complexity is formed by the huge quantity of simplicity.